i always want to be with my own family


the problem with taking pictures with old cameras is that it takes too long to get your pictures back... here are some from our trip home. my gramma's funeral, my family all together again, and enough pancakes to feed an army. literally.

this month we are going to chicago to see a my all time favourite band (mind, they have been split up for 6 years...so this is old, beloved music of mine...) that i thought i'd never see and a dave matthews band (tyler's all time favourite) concert.  also, 4 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 5 nephews, and 1 neice are coming to visit. we will be very busy at other concerts, drive ins, palmyra, niagra falls, chasing lions and taking lots of pictures. i accidentally let my nephews take pictures with my believed "indestructable" digital while i was home and they accidentally broke it beyond repair, so we will have to find some kind of replacement for snap shots. wish us luck...



we know polaroid is the new holga, but we couldn't resist when we found a polaroid camera at good will WITH FILM IN IT.

here are our adventures finishing off the assumed 20 year old film. the above are our first 2 pictures. we had no idea how many were left. there still might be more, but the battery died before we could find out. we are hoping it will revive itself after a few days rest...

we have also bought ourselves some expired film on ebay. it might have just changed our lives forever.