the berry patch

our most favourite place to eat while we were in new york: the berry patch. it is nearly as famous as the hill cumorah itself. mom and i were lucky to catch the end of the strawberry season, and ty and i had fresh raspberry peach shortcake. and we ate there countless other times.
an older man saw me snapping pictures with my camera and he did not hesitate to offer to take a few pictures with me in it. i barely had a chance to say, "that's ok. i don't like being in pictures anyways" before he had me sitting with my family with my camera in his hands while he snapped some pictures of his own. he told me it was nice to see young ones using cameras the way he used to.
here's to you, stranger. the last one is yours.
the young ones.

wig ladies

i was asked to help with costuming at the hill cumorah pageant this year (you can't say no when you've been told you're a pageant miracle...). my mom and i washed hundreds of wigs the first day on the job and were forever known as "the wig ladies."
we helped dress more than a hundred cast members every night for a week and half, and most of them were smelly, sweaty, messy lamanite boys... if you were able to breathe through the pungent smell, it was actually quite fun. maybe it was the boys, maybe it was playing with wigs every day, but most likely it was being able to work with my mom for four weeks.
these pictures are of the hill, mom and dad rehearsing to be wicked noah citizens, our wig shop, and my pretty mom.


wanna pack your bags, something small, take what you need and we disappear

we got a new 35mm camera: canon f-1. garage sale. $10. we thought we could sell it and use the money towards a nice digital camera, but then we used it. and i think we're in love.
this was our anniversary weekend. tyler surprised me with new lenses that have changed our world. i surprised him with a weekend in upstate new york where we climbed waterfalls, walked the sacred grove, ate at moosewood restaurant, and learned how to use our new lenses.
we drove to this song.  best. weekend. ever.

the moon and the stars can follow the car


bertie botts every flavor beans

the russell's came to visit so i could clean benny, charlie, and ali's teeth. not only did they charm the socks off my instructors, but they also let me and ty tag along for most of their vacation and steal their kids for sleepovers and ice cream. thank you for the best two weeks of school ever.
it was a sad day when i got my film back because most of it was ruined. therefore, i have stolen most of these pictures from everyone else. but i love them, nonetheless.
and we have moved on to other cameras till we fix my grampa's ikoflex...


having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.

you know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~ amy li

this is phoebe. she likes the same music as me. she dances like me. (she'll dance to this video like me). she likes basketball like me. and, sometimes, she looks like me (if she lets me pick out her outfit...).

phoebe came to visit in june. we had 2 missions:
1. get to taylor swift on time.
2. buy the most fabulous jewelry and aftergrad outfit ever.

although we very nearly missed taylor (i thought it was saturday night...it was actually on friday night. i still get nervous when i think of it...), we did make it on time.
and, although it took us till the after dark on the night before she had to leave, and to a street vendor in downtown toronto, we did find the most fantastically fabulous jewelry ever made on this planet. and she looked gorgeous before, during, and after grad this year.

i love you bee. miss you already.

these are the last pictures taken with my grampa's camera before we got our new cameras. they are glorious. but we will see you again soon, ikoflex.