smiling in a graveyard

my little sister and her camera came to visit. she took photos of us. once again, like so many times before, we loaded up our laundry baskets full of odd props and blankets, got all dressed up, and trudged through the woods and graveyards to find a place to snap a few pictures. we are an entertaining bunch. on the way to our first photoshoot almost a year ago, we walked away from one neighbour and heard her laughing all the way down the street...

it was nice to not have to set the camera up on a tripod and run to your spot and look relaxed and candid in only ten seconds. in fact, it was nice to not do anything at all...

thanks chloe. we love you. and miss you, too.

she took the one above. see more here.

we took the ones below with our mamiya 645 and kodak portra 400 film.


i heart you, too, new york

i did say that i loved dc.

but i really do heart new york.

we found these, too, on our lost roll.


ps. tyler and his cousin scott get to play all day (out of the house) so i can study. i know i shouldn't, but i really really can't wait for this school thing to be over already. i will be able to live for the day, not just survive till the next exam or final project, when it is all done... one more month...

pps. listening to this song to drown out the upstairs tenants moving out today. it seems as though i am grumpy that i am stuck studying on such a festive weekend...

taken on our mamiya 645


i’d rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery

there are so many wonderful things happening outside while we're stuck inside, studying...

we did go for a little walk. that might not seem very momentous to you, but it is a big deal for us. we almost feel guilty leaving the house at all, so for only a few minutes at a time we rush to grab food and necessitites before speeding home to study and finish our final projects.

so a walk is a big deal.


ps. there's one of my studying songs.  looking for suggestions for more...

canon a-1


the champions of the world...

so. today is the big day. what you have been waiting for all your life. a tremendous occasion. the likes of which have never been seen before.  an announcement like no other...

the winners of our giveaway! (yes, we picked two. we couldn't resist... and tyler made sure i couldn't cheat...)

1. Toughbad said...
I love giveaways!

2. Sarah said...
I love your blog! You two are too much, and your photos make my day and take me to a different place - a place that really is far away from the living room floor cluttered with kids' toys that I am currently residing in.

to the both of you, please send me your favourite picture (name the blog post and number the picture, i'll confirm with you before we send it away...) and your address to my email here.

to everyone else, we love you, too.

and because it is sunday, a video (i told you they would change your life...).



the lost roll...

we found it.

and because we think these are just plain cool, we thought we'd show you the ship again. little editing was done on these (just enough to take out that piece of dust on the scanner...). the ship is lit up from the moon. the lines in the sky are how far the stars move across the sky in three minutes of exposure.

it doesn't look real to me.

taken on our mamiya 645.


ps. only two more days to enter our giveaway. don't you dare forget.


a mine of felicity

here's a perfect belly.

little emma is coming so soon. but she and her husband have been ready for a long, long time. 

i'm so happy for them.


"if i have not spoken, it is because i am afraid i will awaken myself from this dream..." jane austen, emma.


taken on our canon a-1 (silly mamiya ran out of batteries...)


am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? - abraham lincoln

when i was in school in virginia, i ran away to dc as much as i could. i basically memorized the metro map. and i was pretty sure i walked every street from a to w, and from california to constitution ave... but this time i did it with ty.

we went after we were in new york. i really thought i loved new york more than any other city in the world, but i must admit that dc surprised me with warmer winds, cleaner streets and subways, freer museums, and nicer people. we didn't get lost. we didn't even have to ask for directions; they would rather just take us there themselves... and i pretty much just wanted to stay there. forever.

picnics on the mall. frisbee with strangers. knitted exhibits. pet crickets. air and space. stormy skies. holly boughs. american pride.

we'll go back. hopefully during the cherry blossom season.


ps. don't forget to enter the giveaway here.