happy happy birthday, tyler, dear

it is tyler's birthday. he is now a year older than me. he can start saying to me (again) "you wouldn't know; you are too young" or "i'll tell you when you're older."

so, here's to you, ty. i love you.


ps. he got a tool box for his birthday. nothing like a little organization for his toys going into his 27th year of life. we also saw a tim burton exhibit. nothing like goggling at the weirdness of one massively creative man going into your 27th year of life.

these are of us two years ago in our favourite photobooth. i think we look just about the same. and we're probably at the same maturity level...


i'd rather buy defying gravity

i forget things too easily... i had forgotten:

1. what it's like to be with friends who know you really really well.
2. to never go shopping with someone who is too encouraging and too easily encouraged.
3. that wicked is worth a parking ticket and all the noises people make at you as you're running down the street in a fabulous gold dress, fur coat, and bare feet (heels slow you down).
4. how nice it is to cuddle, especially after months of separation.
5. how to put makeup on in colour.
6. how to stay awake during school after not sleeping.
7. that the best thing to happen to you in the whole world would be standing on a stage and having thousands singing your songs back to you...
8. why home is in the west.

but, boy, toronto looks good on film.

and we always like it when they love to eat.

carla visited with lover. they were our last visitors until after christmas. we saw wicked (and now tyler finally knows why i love it so...), we danced with kate nash and peggy sue, and we shot toronto at all angles.

check his blog for more pictures that he took. he and she with digital, ty and i with film.



up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start

instead of studying, i've been planning my first stop motion movie. i think this one is brilliant (from color me katie). with film, this would cost me a million dollars. but this will be my first project with my first digital slr camera. i want to fly.

here is another one using a tilt shift lens, which is our new obsession. how can a lens turn everyone and everything into toy miniatures, do you ask? don't ask me. but i like it. a lot.



take a longer drive

the kushi institute is near boston.  we drove most of the way with our gps set to "no toll roads." we saw a lot more than highway asphalt. i found a fabulous gold dress. tyler found fabulous locally-made egg nog. we found our dream home under disrepair with patterned roof tiles and turrets, a lovers lane, buildings from another time, and had a drive by shooting with train car graffiti (tyler went the exact speed of the train so i could hang precariously out the window, holding my camera and car door for dear life...).

take a longer drive next time.


a favourite song filmed in a favourite place: an antique shop 


begin anywhere

i want to be a piano master
i want to be a rockstar
i want to be a wedding planner
i want to reclaim an old schoolhouse for my home
i want to crochet a sweater
i want to make family home videos with a super 8
i want to be a fashion avant-garde
i want to run a marathon in a foreign country
i want to make lots of babies
i want to eat macrobiotic

goals. some ancient, some new. i am actually working on all of the above, even if some are not progressing presently...

a couple weekends ago, we went to the kushi institute to learn how to eat macrobiotic. beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful land.

we began with our new favourite meal: burdock root, lotus root, carrot, onion, arame, ginger and broccoli stem stir fry with fresh hulled rice. we're getting pretty good at it, now.

thanks mom and dad.



pay no mind to the signs or highway lines

we eat dragon sushi, we find new record stores, we sit by the lake, we eat fish and chips, and we go to the roller derby.

we'll get there our way.

ps. everything they portray about roller derby in movies is true, but more so. with rules as complicated as rugby. just so you know.


welcome home

i hate airports. they always...

1. take me away,
2. take people away,
3. have the air canada employees take extra effort to keep me away,
4. make you pay a million dollars for parking, and
5. smell.

however, if this happened to me more often, i would go to the airports for enjoyment (instead of fighting the urge to run and scream every time a plane flies by...).

we found a roll of film we took in the summer, which was in a grocery bag, which was in a suitcase, which was under our bed (i clean my house. a lot. i promise.) and developed the pictures. it was nice to see them. apparently, not all my pictures were ruined. just hiding.


pictures taken with my grampa's ikoflex.