mo shuile togam suas - i will lift up mine eyes

dad graduated a few days before you were born, but you got to go to the real party when you were only a few weeks new. i made you a tie out of one of dads old ones, you put on your dance shoes, and you screamed cheered the loudest as he walked the stage.

he's been your biggest cheerleader since the day you were born, but you've been his for your whole life.



bryant creek

before you get any bright ideas, i have to begin with: i. hate. cross-country. skiing. i mean, i fall constantly. i hate being cold. i hate sweating when i'm cold. i hate not going fast. i hate that there is no hot cocoa in a warm lodge seconds away.

overall, not a fan.

but for some reason, my parents convinced me for the second time to ski to bryant creek, stay the night in a log cabin, and ski back.

the second time was just as bad as the first. but i have to say the fresh, untouched mountain snow was NEARLY enough for me to enjoy myself. but not quite.

until next time…


photos taken on my first roll in my yashica february 2012



it was your first and last time at baba's vaseaux lake house. dad loved that house. he loved the turtle hunts and toon picking. he loved the walnut tree and baba's roses. he had to see it one last time and show you, too. 

we miss you already, vaseaux.

mom and dad