i like the rules you break...

sometimes, when you don't have your camera with you, you must use your phone. i found these on my iphone today: going to the beach with friends. a rib fest. finding records at street vendor with more friends. and a group of dutch girls dancing for an old folks home.

i already miss the summer. i wore shorts today to resist the change of the colour of the leaves, the colder mornings, and the stress of upcoming midterms.

but i wore a sweater to keep warm.


ps. nothing like a water fight to say goodbye to summer. thanks darren.


i confess...

 i can actually feel myself loving him more every day.  it is so good to be married to your best friend.


i got the photo idea from here.  hopefully, one day, my film pictures will look as good as his do...


i love your smile

i am beginning to love toronto (i have to admit) because it brings me to concerts like charlie winston, and ratatat, and dave matthews, and city and colour. i've loved charlie for a long time now: it has been almost six months.  and for me, that is a long time. and now that i've met him, he's a perma-favourites-lister.  but, what's not to love about an adorable-hat-wearing, british-accent-speaking, stick-in-your-mind-lyrics-making, beat-boxer with a harmonica-playing bandmate?
i look a bit deranged. i've taken maybe three pictures with favourite band members that i've met, and i hate all the pictures because i look like i'm thinking, "i'm so excited that i think i just peed my pants a little..." but thanks tyler for snapping this one. i love you more than charlie. a lot more.