can't you see the glow on the window pane?

it has been a hard couple of days.

for instance, i tried to dance to this song.

but my feet got all tangled and i actually fell to the floor.

no lie.

like a cartoon.

this baby had lost the ability to dance...

ya. it HAS been a hard couple of days.

and then, beyonce picked me up, unwrapped my legs from around my body, set me down, told me to smile, and taught me some new dance moves.

i love you, beyonce. ("i love you, too, hunny," beyonce replies).

and here are some pictures that made me feel better, too. i always wanted to play in a sea of yellow. and i finally found something to love about edmonton.



it's a neighborly day in this beautywood

i'm not exactly sure what kind of light leak happened here... but i like it.

we made internet friends. yes, we are a couple of the twenty-first century. we have a blog, we are addicted to pinterest, we are ocd about instagram (and by we, i mostly mean i...), and we made friends over the internet .

what will our kids be doing when they're our age...

we finally met them this summer, and then went on a hike (because we live in the mountains again and there is no better playground/backdrop/date than the mountains). and because we were training for the west coast trail, we brought lots of good food and their incredibly adorable little boy and girl.

oh. and they, too, use film. so over the internet or not, we were meant to be together.


ps. whether it is over the internet, over a cup a tea, or over the bus bench, won't you be my neighbour?


has it been a day or a week?

i will continue to dream of summer, camping, wild strawberries, mountains, no school...

but my dreams always end up looking exactly like this...



peanut butter and jelly hot dogs

i have a terrible tendency to procrastinate. and then when things get to be so much that i can no longer see over my pile of "things to do," i tend to just put the whole pile in the trash and start over.

but i am learning this is not a good idea.

so, here are pictures of a birthday boy from a couple months ago. he thought maybe that by turning ten he might be a "big boy" and be able to choose a meal that didn't involve peanut butter, jelly, and captain crunch. but i am no grown up. so i had all of the above on my hot dog, whilst birthday boy had potato chips, cheese sauce, and bacon (very grownupish).

ty and i had a whirlwind weekend where we drove all night on thursday down to utah, and drove all night last night back home. in those three days, we were able to eat delicious raw meals, spend time with my parents, show phoebe how really awesome film cameras really are, and listen to the leaders of our church give inspired words of comfort, inspiration, and counsel.  this one was my favourite. partly because i want to remember it for when we have children, partly because it is what i remember about my parents and what i can see in ty's parents, and partly because i can see it in the parents of my nieces and nephews. and it inspires me.

so here's to the children, to hot dogs, to driving for twenty-six hours to see a baby sister for a couple days, and to this t-shirt war (because i know birthday boy would think this is triple wicked awesome).