lasting impressions... our face in bubbles

the ontario science centre. can you see our faces? apparently, you don't have to be 8 years old to enjoy this stuff. or even bring an 8 year old with you...

these are our last days in toronto.

list of things we will miss:
4. ontario science centre.
5. our neighbour's garden.
6. our neighbour walking in our house with gifts of hearty breads, homemade whole wheat perogies, and polish cakes.
7. city castles.
8. our woods across the road.
9. record stores. everywhere. (newest record: florence and the machine. it may have just changed our lives...)


ps. she's cute, but skip to 3:00 to hear the song (our favourite so far. this one too).

mamiya pro tl 645


everyday it's a-gettin' closer

i like to think i was named after buddy holly. and not because i was the 5th child and they couldn't think of a name for me until it was nearly christmas and, well, there was lots of holly around...

just kidding.

but i do love buddy holly. and rock and roll. and my dad.

he loves buddy holly. and rock and roll.

dad, i'm sorry you had to go to school while you were here. but i'm glad it was an excuse for you to come visit us.

we'll be home in eleven days.

everyday it's a-gettin' closer
goin' faster than a roller coaster


ps. things we'll miss about toronto list:
1. kensington market (oh where will i find vintage treasures like that in calgary...)
2. cn tower (although i do not think i will ever go to the top again...)
3. music. everywhere.

mamiya pro tl 645


gotta go get my move on

i did it. i am done.

i came.
i saw.
i conquered.

and oh, it feels so very nice...


ps. this song for my victory dance.


please don't talk when my hands are in your mouth...

only one more day to study and i'll never have to study ever again...this video is a good study break. laughing keeps the blood flowing...

ty and scott went to niagra falls so i could study and finish my final projects. they considered going over the falls in a tube, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

scott also likes to take pictures. we like that.




ordinary regular swedish mealtime

half our house is in boxes. i write the biggest test of my life in a week, and i'd rather be packing. we're also trying to pack all our favourite things to do in toronto into the next couple weeks (twenty-two days!) before we leave for home.

scott visited. so did my dad. tyler finished his semester and took the long exposure he's always wanted to of toronto traffic (one thing we won't miss...). i handed in the biggest project of my life (and apparently tyler caught me taking a nap). and scott showed us this song. we don't know what they're saying, but we're thinking we might walk around toronto like they do for our remaining days here.

a snippet of our lives right now.


ps. did you hear that? TWENTY-TWO DAYS!