the capital of the desert state of rajasthan, the pink city, was a sight to behold. men in colourful turbans, pottery of crushed quartz and jaipur blue, hotels fit for queens and kings for the cost of a cheap american motel, carpets hand woven from camel's hair, temples over run with monkeys, thrilling tuktuk rides, elephants to carry us to palaces of yellow stone, vendors of faux jewels at every corner, overpriced blankets, handmade clothing, our favourite meal, the largest, most accurarte sundial in the world, flower markets, jewelry bartering...

i loved jaipur. even the touts were endearing. we felt like royalty atop decorated elephants as we waved peddlers away. even the military fort was built like a dazzling castle protecting the city atop an emerald hill. it was easy to imagine yourself an indian princess in jaipur. and my first taste of an indian market. next time i want to go on a camel safari to see wild elephants and tigers…



a bazillion years ago...

i can't help myself.

i am moving. or, really, i'm always moving. i can't actually remember a time that i wasn't moving… and the last couple years i've been moving a lot more than normal. i snap pictures here and there, but i am finding it harder and harder to bring out my camera as i used to when i had a place to put it when i was done with it. in fact, just thinking now as i type, i don't actually know where it is… i should really go find it…

of those few pictures i've taken in the last couple years, i have pictures that i love that just don't have any special occasion for them to be attached to. except that i was there.

so here's to 2012. and maybe some 2013... i was there. and i loved it.


photos taken 2012-2013 with my mamiya and yeshiva