i'd rob a kwik-e-mart for you

what happens when your best friend has a baby? we cry. and refuse to acknowledge that it has been years since we have pulled down our backstreet boys and jonathan taylor thomas magazine clippings off our walls. or that it has been that long since we talked on ICU. or msn. or since we've screamed this or this or this or this or this in the little green car while spinning circles on black ice on crowchild. or that our dreams of being rock stars might have to be put on hold for a while. or that we live on opposite sides of the country. or that we might actually be growing up.

she does make cute babies, though.

ps. remember this?



what would do you do on top of the world?

chief mountain. harder than the west coast trail. but with a three hundred and sixty degree view of the curve of the earth. and without the forty pound pack.



we're going to the zoo. how about you?

we went to the zoo. i. love. the. zoo. it is hard not to giggle at a farting hippopotamus, or wrinkle your nose in the large mammal house, or shout for everyone to look at a gorilla picking his nose, or jump at a tiger roar. i love the giraffe's tongue, the rhino's horn, and the penguins jumping straight out of the water and onto their feet.

and why do the peacocks get to roam free?

auntie holly


kiss me quick

i wear this skirt only once a year because it is my favourite.  my mom bought it for me for christmas in high school. and i want to wear it only once a year for forever.


ps. i'm on my way to paris with my mom and sister. here was my dress up and packing song...

pps. i miss you already, ty.


one plus one equals five

family photos

these four are now five. and what super big brothers these boys will be.



science and progress do not speak as loud as my heart

family photos.

i remember when she left town for school after a weekend at home. i was six. and i would sit at the window and bawl. serious tears were shed. and then, when she moved back home, she was young and single and beautiful and popular, and she would take me to the movies with her friends. i was a very awkward twelve year old. who even does that? and let's be honest, i call her first when something goes terribly wrong. or, when something goes incredibly well.

she's the oldest. and takes care of us all. while raising this beautiful family.

i love you.


ps. and because i love coldplay. and willie nelson. and organic food. and claymation. and chipotle. and because i think her kids will like this video, here is a little video. back to the start.


a raw feast

thanksgiving two thousand and eleven.

in a few weeks, i will embark on a health quest by eating raw for a couple months. i watched this and this and this and especially this and read this book and they really did convince me that i could probably do it for a couple months out of my whole life and even if nothing happens, i would have eaten a LOT of vegetables and nothing but good could come of that...right?

oh, and i'm diabetic. type one. which means i got it when i was nine, and it was because of no one's fault but my genes. but still. that many vegetables could even help me, too.

which brings me back to thanksgiving two thousand and eleven. one of the dinners we had was a "raw thanksgiving" where everyone had to bring a completely raw dish. it was tasty. and colourful. and inspiring to see what was brought to the table. and who knew eating raw included so much chocolate... my kind of eating.

let the raw feasts begin...