collectoholics anonymous

ty and i have recently discovered that we have a serious problem: we collect stuff. so, i'd like to blame my grampa elwood jackson. and so would ty.

sunflower anythings
audrey hepburn anythings
things that hang (ie. like, with hooks...its quite a general term, but i'd like to keep it that way...)
picture frames
glass stars
glass balls
sewing supplies
tea cups
antique china
magazine ads
vintage magazines
amber jewellery

ty: (disclaimer by ty: the first 4 on this list are purely "accidental" collections. he vows to get rid of all but one of everything, eventually...)
record players
amps and preamps
miscellaneous electronic equipment
different types of wood
vintage and antique radios
authentic recipes
vintage ties
cuff links
cheeses (yes, we have quite a collection in our refrigerator...)

vintage light bulbs
old cameras
tightly sealable glass jars (like, to put our food in)

luckily, thanks to second hand stores, ebay/kijiji, and the people of ontario's blessed tradition of leaving things they don't want on their front lawn for anyone to take, our addictions can be quite cheap. here are some of our most beloved finds.




please have snow and mistletoe

we are home for christmas. and we were flashed mobbed at my parents house. possibly the best welcome home we have ever had. they said they would have done it at the airport if we had woken up for the flight we were supposed to have taken... but i'm pretty sure it was more perfect at home.

someone asked us today what some our favourite christmas traditions were. we talked for a long time, each taking turns telling our most favourite traditions and what our most precious memories were. next question asked was what was the best christmas present we had ever received. there was silence for a few seconds until someone said, "suddenly, gifts really don't seem that important right now..."

we are so happy to be home right now, we feel like sleep might be wasting time.

merry christmas.


ps. these are some pictures of tyler's birthday weekend. it was before final projects and exams took over our lives. we can finally take lots of pictures again here.



making a list, checking it twice...

i am making a list. and even though it coincidentally coincides with the Christmas season, it is a list that might last seventeen years. patience is a virtue that makes for a lot of window shopping.

1. a tilt shift lens (so i can make people and places look like miniatures like these whenever i want to...)

2. 360 spinner camera (so i can get a 360 view of everything at one time...)

3. excalibur food dehydrator (so i can have fruit and veggies at any time of the year)

4. a medium format slr (for that wedding shoot i will do one day)

5. an antique view camera (to take family photos with)

6. vintage dresses. a lot of them.

7. matching, warm, cute touque and mittens and scarf

8. a puppy (he loves me...)

9. an instax fujifilm wide instant camera! (it's the new polaroid. and i want it...)

10. a macbook. (so all my photo and music dreams can come true...)

11. a lens baby (a toy. the second cousin twice removed to the tilt shift lens...)

12. a piano. maybe one that can play a little better than this one. but i'd take this one, too (photographed by clayton austin, one of my most favourite photographers in all the world...especially when he travels the states with this piano as a prop for his photoshoots).

and here's another piano i love in a music video i love by a band i love.

merry christmas.


ps. i did not take any of these photos or record any of this music. to find their source, click on the link above each picture.