at christmas, all roads lead home.

marjorie holmes

it was a sandpoint christmas this year. and there should be a rule that there must always be at least one person younger than twelve years old or smaller than four feet at every christmas. it is just more fun. and way more christmasy. 

tree decorating, a miniature nativity with angels and donkeys, plank contests on christmas eve, and launching potatoes with a ty's cannon.


(this is our favourite missionary's band back at home. and we love them, too. his little brother is the drummer.)


Hands Full said...

No nursing photos? Sad. I guess I'll post it on mine.

shannon said...

haha, i think every year aaron is the donkey!!!

akathemom said...

The colour in the pictures is so intense. Are these the ones that didn't turn out??? You are crazy! They are amazing!
SHan, he loves it! I think.