wear sunscreen

seventy-five kilometres. thirty-five to fifty-five pound back packs. seven days. a moulting elephant seal. whales playing in the sea weed. secret caves. a glorious burger. a mango. and one film camera.

when we were getting ready/training/stressing about the west coast trail, i was pretty sure we were going to come out of it bruised, battered, and more than slightly damp.

especially when the couple we went with didn't even pack a rain coat.

i'm not kidding.

i also thought we'd come out with at least one terrifying story of someone hanging off a two kilometre long ladder by a hiking pole and said person was saved only by a gust of wind, a two inch square of duct tape, and a conveniently placed bramble.

or something like that.

instead, we came out of it relatively whole (most of the "bruises" washed away in the shower...), a few looney-sized blisters, a fear of heights slightly less than before, and practically bone dry. it was a west coast trail miracle. absolutely no rain.

and here are our pictures. you can see more here. there are a lot. but i carried that camera seventy-five kilometres. so what.


ps. because of the epicness of our trip, we listened to this song, and this song before heading out. so deep. so epic.


Laura.R said...

I can't handle how great these pictures are! If I wanted to go before, it was NOTHING compared to how much I want to go now.
Love love love them.

akathemom said...

Wow. You guys are epic.

shannon said...

these pics make me want to do it! bad.
looks so great!

Cheryl Evans said...

I am sooo excited to go again with you next year!!!