welcome to earth

baby boy christensen was born on march 27, 2014 at 7:45am, weighing a perfect 7lbs 14oz, 22 inches long, his head covered in dark wavy hair.

he came after approximately 5,568 finger blood tests (give or take one or two...), 5,568 alarms going off every hour for 232 days, an epic trip to india, a little bit of e.coli, 8 ultrasounds, 27 doctors appointments, 81 hours of waiting for said doctor's appointments, las vegas, los angeles, 4 acupuncture appointments, 2 million prayers (and equal number of tears), a family fast, a Suessical Musical nearly 3 hours away from the hospital, a stressful and somewhat speedy drive to said hospital (thanks dad), and another 2 million tears...

and then he was there. bright black eyes that looked right at me, claiming me.

and, of course, he didn't need me to tell him to pee all over the doctors...

{good aim, asher baby}

two days later we left the hospital, leaving behind us a wake of bruised egos and cheering nurses.

it took us a week to name him. because he just wasn't an August Jack, nor was he a Tristan. so we had to start our names list over again. and he wasn't a Hawksley. and definitely not the other five names that if he were to have a brother one day, they might be... he was an Asher. and his dad wanted to name him after his grandfather, a hero of his. and so he was Asher Baker Christensen. 


and he is ours. and we are his. 

welcome to earth, asher. you have changed me forever.


{photos taken by chloe, darren roberts photography, and us)


Phoebe Evans said...

This is beautiful and wonderful! Love you!!

T-rudy said...

So precious :)