a bazillion years ago...

i can't help myself.

i am moving. or, really, i'm always moving. i can't actually remember a time that i wasn't moving… and the last couple years i've been moving a lot more than normal. i snap pictures here and there, but i am finding it harder and harder to bring out my camera as i used to when i had a place to put it when i was done with it. in fact, just thinking now as i type, i don't actually know where it is… i should really go find it…

of those few pictures i've taken in the last couple years, i have pictures that i love that just don't have any special occasion for them to be attached to. except that i was there.

so here's to 2012. and maybe some 2013... i was there. and i loved it.


photos taken 2012-2013 with my mamiya and yeshiva

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