we only live once. but, if you work it right, once is enough. - joe lewis

this year, i decided to stop hating and embrace valentine's day. we went to montreal for valentine's with black and white film, my grampa's camera, polaroids (thanks to our iphones), and two of our most favourite people in ontario, vanessa and justin. it was the closest to paris we could afford (because paris is the love capital of the world, oui?). and this is why i love the east: everything is relatively close (new york, d.c., montreal, virginia, etc...).

we asked an innocent bystander to take this last picture for us. he had never used such an old camera before. we could see that he wasn't lining it up very well, but we didn't care. he was having too much fun anyways.


Hands Full said...

Okay, now you make me want to learn how to use the camera. Yes, please buy me some film.

Hands Full said...

I better tell Jared to take it out of the box he has packed it in.

melange muse said...

fun! i want to go to montreal and take pictures with old cameras!

hearblack. said...


these photos are great, and i'm stoked you guys finally set up a blog. Keep it up with the photos, it'll be fun to share back and forth.


p.s. what does "r & y" mean? tyle"R" & holl"Y" ?