wishing that christmas lasted all year round

we got to go home to calgary last weekend. we took a million pictures, but until they're developed, i've been looking at our christmas pictures. here are some of my favourites.

first picture taken at ty's parent's house. chase must have gone down the hill ninety times. he finally made it further than ty's dad. fastest kid EVER.
next few, christmas tree hunting and decorating with the christensen's.  jacob bundled up inside alana's coat. pictures taken with a vintage SLR and 35mm film, part of our christmas gift from ty's parents. they set up a dark room in the laundry room so we could develop them ourselves. changed our lives forever.
the last were taken of the russell boys and eli at my parent's house with grampa's camera. best. day. ever.
best christmas song ever? i will never deny that this is my favourite...

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akathemom said...

you are so great! will you copy ALL the pictures you take of my family and send them to me? they are so good!