before the leaves fall...

it is now october. september has gone by quickly, and i'm glad. first time ever i had a hard time going back to school. and although i am already as stressed as i have ever been, tyler has begun a new path in school, and has also found a new passion: rowing. i have yet to see him (5:45am is awful early to go watch a practice...), but apparently he is pretty darn good. in fact, i'm pretty sure we'll be bringing home an olympic gold medal in no time.

one more year in toronto. so here's to packing in as much as possible in our last year away from home, and documenting every single little detail...and to the colours here. we will miss the slowly changing colours of the leaves. and the flowers that last through the fall. and that i don't have to wear a coat until november.  and treasure hunts in the vintage and antique shops.

oh. and the music. we will miss the music. a lot.


and i want that red microphone for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

school does = STRESS.
My outlet is pictures...but if I spend to much time on them and not studying..then it didn't work..the stress goes back up.
Cool leaf pictures!
I need to shoot some film again.

shannon said...

i love that leaf picture! it is perfect!
if i had your name for christmas, i would buy you that mic - is this how you shorten microphone?

David Dudley said...

I am so jealous of your fall colours, i wish we had those leaves out west, you have such amazing talent. Keep up the great work!