making a list, checking it twice...

i am making a list. and even though it coincidentally coincides with the Christmas season, it is a list that might last seventeen years. patience is a virtue that makes for a lot of window shopping.

1. a tilt shift lens (so i can make people and places look like miniatures like these whenever i want to...)

2. 360 spinner camera (so i can get a 360 view of everything at one time...)

3. excalibur food dehydrator (so i can have fruit and veggies at any time of the year)

4. a medium format slr (for that wedding shoot i will do one day)

5. an antique view camera (to take family photos with)

6. vintage dresses. a lot of them.

7. matching, warm, cute touque and mittens and scarf

8. a puppy (he loves me...)

9. an instax fujifilm wide instant camera! (it's the new polaroid. and i want it...)

10. a macbook. (so all my photo and music dreams can come true...)

11. a lens baby (a toy. the second cousin twice removed to the tilt shift lens...)

12. a piano. maybe one that can play a little better than this one. but i'd take this one, too (photographed by clayton austin, one of my most favourite photographers in all the world...especially when he travels the states with this piano as a prop for his photoshoots).

and here's another piano i love in a music video i love by a band i love.

merry christmas.


ps. i did not take any of these photos or record any of this music. to find their source, click on the link above each picture.


Kristi Beth said...

I am in love with Coldplay's new Christmas song. I've been listening to it quite a bit these past few days. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

This might help until you get the lens. I know they are expensive...at least this way you can see what some of your photos could look like with tilt shift.

akathemom said...

hate to remind you...ummm, you have a piano. but yah, perfectly happy if you get another one...
And i love, "Patience is a virtue that makes for a lot of window shopping."

Elyse said...

Great christmas wish list! I totally want one of those food dehydrators too! Wouldn't that be so fun to make!

princess said...

they used the instax camera on grey's anatomy last week. it look awesome:)

princess said...

it looks awesome....

Matt and Chloe Taylor said...

Okay, you want an I-Mac so much more than a mac book! They are way better! bigger pictures and more memory!