please have snow and mistletoe

we are home for christmas. and we were flashed mobbed at my parents house. possibly the best welcome home we have ever had. they said they would have done it at the airport if we had woken up for the flight we were supposed to have taken... but i'm pretty sure it was more perfect at home.

someone asked us today what some our favourite christmas traditions were. we talked for a long time, each taking turns telling our most favourite traditions and what our most precious memories were. next question asked was what was the best christmas present we had ever received. there was silence for a few seconds until someone said, "suddenly, gifts really don't seem that important right now..."

we are so happy to be home right now, we feel like sleep might be wasting time.

merry christmas.


ps. these are some pictures of tyler's birthday weekend. it was before final projects and exams took over our lives. we can finally take lots of pictures again here.



Charity said...

Can I say again I love your photos! Seriously I would put them on my wall!
I agree when you go home sleep is a waste of time. I always stay up late and get up early!! Which is probably why I come home from a vacation exhausted!! Have a blast!

akathemom said...

you are so talented.