the act and process of shooting an arrow matters more than where it lands

my dad would so totally have done this.

it is apparently a snow day today. it just barely started snowing... i'm thinking all those news reports about how bad the snow can get here in the east were a little exxagerated if this constitutes a snow day. and i'm pretty sure the only snow day i've ever had in alberta was when they thought the gym ceiling would collapse under the weight of snow. and even then, we were back at school the next day... i even had school when the highway leading to school was closed because they couldn't plow it fast enough (and we are quick plowers in alberta).

inspired by this article and these pictures this week. makes me feel less guilty about snapping a bazillion pictures that no one but i will probably ever see.  (however, now i will hide them in the attic...)

more pretty pictures we took in alberta. last two were test shots with our new mamiya in mississauga. funny that the test shots turn out better than some real shots...



Anonymous said...

Cool Video!
I tried the link to the article, but it didn't work.

Cant wait to see more from the Medium Format.
I've been searching everywhere to try and find a good deal on any 645 (Mamiya, Contax, Pentax, etc) I'd like to find something with a AF.

Are you using that scanner for 120 and 35mm?

Charity said...

Is that a pic of the eclipse? We couldn't see it in Singapore! :(