two favourite comments made about my home:

1. (from my dad): "this looks almost exactly like your mom and i's first apartment. lamps and all."
2. (from a friend whom i hadn't seen for quite some time): "holly, everything in your house looks so old..."

i smirk.

it is only a basement suite. it is only one bedroom with the tiniest kitchen and big open living room. nothing in my house matches. time periods clash. cultural influences are random. not a single matching pillow in sight. read this article. its called steampunk. this is how you do it: if you love it, put it on display. and, oh, it is fabulous.

i have a monster folder that i've been feeding images to since i got my first laptop eight years ago. i can't remember where or when i got most of the images, so i cannot take credit for them. but i am going to share with you what my dream home will look like. behold.

of course, everything will be very practical.

1. a library. with a ladder (most certainly). for reading. a lot.

2. lightbulbs. for light.

3. sunflowers. for colour.

4. beds. for dreaming...

5. white walls. for a clean slate.


and pretty wallpaper... for more colour.


 6. cupboard space. for show and tell.


7. ceiling tiles. for looking up.                                           


8. chalkboard cupboards. for last minute reminders (like letting your husband know where you moved the glasses to...).


9. picture walls. for remembering.

10. an inspiration wall. to grow.


11. mismatched china. already have most of what i will need (thank you gramma j and beautiful wedding gifts). for feasting.

12. mural wall. for mystery.


13. stars and globes. for education.

(left, right)

 14. a tree swing. for flying.

(taken on a walk in hollywoodland, spring 2009)

or a living room swing... (flying should not be restricted to the outdoors...)

15. retro kitchen. for nourishment.


16. doors. for opening.

17. flowers and coat hooks. for visitors.


18. plank walls. for texture.

19. enough room for forts. for make believe.

20. pillows and blankets. for cuddling.


21. a music room. to listen and create.

if you know where any of these pictures have come from, then i would gladly give credit where its due.


akathemom said...

The funny thing is, a lot of those pics DO look like your apartment!!! Love it!

Matt and Chloe Taylor said...

One reason why I love you: your knack for taking something and making it beautiful.

Marns said...

Chalkboard cupboards would be awesome!

akathemom said...

OK I have been obsessed with steampunk since I found that article!!! I can't stop googling it.