am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? - abraham lincoln

when i was in school in virginia, i ran away to dc as much as i could. i basically memorized the metro map. and i was pretty sure i walked every street from a to w, and from california to constitution ave... but this time i did it with ty.

we went after we were in new york. i really thought i loved new york more than any other city in the world, but i must admit that dc surprised me with warmer winds, cleaner streets and subways, freer museums, and nicer people. we didn't get lost. we didn't even have to ask for directions; they would rather just take us there themselves... and i pretty much just wanted to stay there. forever.

picnics on the mall. frisbee with strangers. knitted exhibits. pet crickets. air and space. stormy skies. holly boughs. american pride.

we'll go back. hopefully during the cherry blossom season.


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Renee said...

I like the knitting picture!

Charity said...

I am loving these pics being American that I am. I have always wanted to spend some time in d.c. Perhaps next time I make a trip to NYC I will make it there. If only I could travel all the time!!!

akathemom said...

Even with all your pictures, I have never wanted to go to New York. But now I want to go to D.C.

Alana said...

So is that knitted exhibit a depiction of the coral reef? If so it's really well done. If not...I have no other guesses.