smiling in a graveyard

my little sister and her camera came to visit. she took photos of us. once again, like so many times before, we loaded up our laundry baskets full of odd props and blankets, got all dressed up, and trudged through the woods and graveyards to find a place to snap a few pictures. we are an entertaining bunch. on the way to our first photoshoot almost a year ago, we walked away from one neighbour and heard her laughing all the way down the street...

it was nice to not have to set the camera up on a tripod and run to your spot and look relaxed and candid in only ten seconds. in fact, it was nice to not do anything at all...

thanks chloe. we love you. and miss you, too.

she took the one above. see more here.

we took the ones below with our mamiya 645 and kodak portra 400 film.


Sarah said...

Holly - I decided what picture I want :) The picture of the old ship washed up on shore for North's room. Send me an e-mail thepaxtons@gmail.com and I'll give you our address. ThANKS!!

akathemom said...

That pic of you guys is frame worthy!!!