can't you see the glow on the window pane?

it has been a hard couple of days.

for instance, i tried to dance to this song.

but my feet got all tangled and i actually fell to the floor.

no lie.

like a cartoon.

this baby had lost the ability to dance...

ya. it HAS been a hard couple of days.

and then, beyonce picked me up, unwrapped my legs from around my body, set me down, told me to smile, and taught me some new dance moves.

i love you, beyonce. ("i love you, too, hunny," beyonce replies).

and here are some pictures that made me feel better, too. i always wanted to play in a sea of yellow. and i finally found something to love about edmonton.



akathemom said...

"It looks like a sea of Mustard"

akathemom said...

Oh, I'm sorry, It ACTUALLY looks like a "LAND of Mustard:

Brittany said...

Love the beyonce vid. Although, I was wondering how she could show so much boobie with no nip. Hahah She's a smart one, showing off her banging bod pre-baby. Hahaha Love the pics! and you of course!

Cheryl Evans said...

Is that a volkswagon? It looks like one we had in 1967 that Aunt Liz totalled. It was red though. I loved that car!