five minutes of makeupless fame

i was on tv. the office i work at had a halloween candy buy back the day after halloween. kids brought their halloween candy to the dentist, and he gave them $1 per pound of candy, and he gave a pound of apples per pound of candy to the food bank.

i like that.

back to me being famous...

i was walking by the front desk when a camera crew came in the door. they just started talking to me and asking questions and the only thing i kept thinking was, "i can't believe i didn't put makeup on this morning..."

i didn't look as cute as i did with my niece at the actual event...

anyway. here's my television debut.




David Dudley said...

No make-up!!! how could you!!

akathemom said...

cool!!! you sound like the best hygienist ever!!!

Amber said...

You look so grown up and professional! I'm so proud of you Holly!

Adam Montgomery said...

I figured out how to watch it! And loved it!