favouritizing tuesdays: movies

i have always been a list person. i list things from exactly what to wear on a date night (down to the colour of stockings), to what records i need to buy and from where, to what jewellry to pack for vacation.

it is something i have to do because i forget things.

all. the. time.

i have also always been a favouritizing person. if you've known me for any amount of time, i have probably told you a favourite of mine. especially if we are listening to my ipod. or watching old movie previews. or shopping. or talking about dogs. or sitting in my backyard.

i have a lot of favourites.

so i have decided to begin listing my favourites so when i'm old and forget things more easily than i do now, i can look to this blog and remember that, yes, sunflowers are my favourite flower, and, yes, the 80's is my favourite costume, etc.

and because tuesdays are currently my favourite (because it is my day off...), i will make my lists on tuesdays, and call it favouritizing tuesdays.

ta da!

favouritizing tuesdays: movies

1. peter pan (this version, too...)
because a soundtrack that makes you believe you can fly and cinematography that makes you believe in fairies is everything. i love it. peter pan will always be my favourite. i promise.

2. the pirate
because of gene kelly and judy garland. and "someday Macoco is going to swoop down upon me like a chicken hawk and carry me away."

3. 500 days of summer
because i have been her. and dated a her (in male form). and i love the soundtrack.

4. garden state
because the ending was going to ruin it all. and then it was the best ending i've ever seen in my life.

5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
because it is brilliant. and i feel smarter at the end.

6. august rush (this, too)
because it is a modern day fairy tale. and the music makes me cry.

7. elizabethtown
because i love road trips. and burning cds. and making cd covers.

8. the fall
because every time i watch it i get something else. and it is beautiful. and unique. and the little girl is just so darn cute!


melange muse said...

Very good choices. I just watched the fall for the first time a couple weeks ago and I loved it. You are so right about the little girl, she is so darn cute indeed!

Cheryl Evans said...

I love Tuesday Yoga with my favorite red head. MOM