i want to wake up in the city that doesn't sleep

washington dc and new york. my two most favourite cities in all the world. and this time i got to go with my mom, phoebe, and heidi. we got our car towed in dc, got all dressed up to see wicked, and had several police escorts in new york (and by several, i mean two...), which only put this road trip on the top-ten-best-road-trips-of-all-time list.
thanks mom. you're seriously the most fabulous mom ever. even in small spaces.



Shane and Mindy said...

While your dad was putting my braces on, he told me the story about your mom and the police stopping 7 lanes of traffic to let her turn around! I LOVE it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool Pictures. I like how blue the sky turned out in most of them.

You need to blog about the above comment :)