sleeping under the stars

our bedroom was getting too...bedroomeyish...so i made a tent in our living room.

and i made watermelon salad to go with tyler's multi-cheese grilled sandwiches. for the sandwiches, we had gorgonzola, smoked gouda, extra sharp cheddar, oka, brie, and parmesan to play with. and he added our fresh basil and a friend's garden tomatoes.

watermelon salad, you ask? probably the best tasting summer salad of all time. try it. trust me.

frying pan: handful of pumpkin seeds and a handful of sunflower seeds, drizzle of olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper, good pinch of chili powder (however much you dare;). roast to your liking. watch out: they pop.

bowl: cut big chunks of half a watermelon. cut similar chunks of 6 oz. of goat/sheep's cheese (i used a stronger cheese called oka, but brie would work too. anything that's a softer cheese and got a good flavour to it, i think). a large bunch of fresh mint leaves (chop most of it up. use a few leaves as garnish later). 3 scallions (i used only 1 green onion cuz that's all i had...). squeeze 2 limes. a good lug of olive oil. pinch of salt and pepper. give a good toss.

serve on plates. sprinkle toasted seeds. you could add a fresh chopped chili as a sprinkle as well, but i accidentally used a habanero and we spent most of the time trying to pick them out cuz they were beginning to burn our nostrils... oops. but it did add a nice spiciness to the salad, so i would recommend something. a chili would have probably been perfect.

enjoy. immensely.



Marns said...

That is one sweet tent!

Anonymous said...

All your film pictures recently has made me want to go get some of mine developed. I have some 120 thats done and just sitting in my camera.

Does tyler have a blog, or do you two just share?

Elyse said...

You are just amazing Holly! You make Rob and I's life look dull lol. However u inspired me to make a tent out of our living room.

Anonymous said...

looks fun! i need to try that salad!

akathemom said...


HEARBLACK. said...

this looks like a movie

- reminds of a movie, just cant think of which one

Anonymous said...

made that salad today! delicious!!!!!
thank you.

JMay said...

Love this tent :-)

Aren't those the best to make!