twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.

about 6 o'clock in the evening, we trudged through the woods to tie strings to trees. this is a bad time for anyone to trudge through anywhere, as it is apparently the mosquitoes' favourite time to trudge, as well (it went a little like, "tyler, this is not as fun as i wanted it to be. mosquitoes are NOT awesome.). however, we finished quickly, went back home, waited till it was dark, and somehow found our way back. we took these pictures.

we love the night.  more pictures to come soon.



Anonymous said...

Now I'm not sure what the strings on the trees was for?

Way to get creative!!!

Did you walk with a flash light pointed at the ground, then turn it up as you kissed and then kept walking?

I been waiting for a full moon to take some creative pictures. Its finally here and cant wait to go take some with in the next night or two.

the honeymooners said...

Saturday night, lets go out and you can take pictures of me and matt. you can be our photographers for the night. love you.

Hands Full said...

I killed Voldemort last night, with a pretty awesome shield charm - in my dreams. Weird thing was, the entire dream was in the same lighting as these photos. Your blog is infiltrating my REM. Don't worry though, I'm protecting you from evil.