those skinny jeans don't belong in toronto...

here's our first pictures taken on our new mamiya 645 with kodak portra nc.

and here's our new favourite band. not only do they make great music, and their show leaves a permasmile on your face for days (still counting...), and even when your car gets broken into and your laptop stolen, you can watch this video (on an old laptop...) and feel better. and after you meet them, you want to drop out of hygiene school, start writing music, and be a rockstar. but also, did you notice they're all wearing ctr rings? find them here and go to their show. it'll change your life.



akathemom said...

I had a roommate in college who played the accordion. It was pretty fun.
I like the snowflakes in your eyelashes.

melange muse said...

thanks for sharing this great band! I am going to try and see them when they come to calgary!