ordinary regular swedish mealtime

half our house is in boxes. i write the biggest test of my life in a week, and i'd rather be packing. we're also trying to pack all our favourite things to do in toronto into the next couple weeks (twenty-two days!) before we leave for home.

scott visited. so did my dad. tyler finished his semester and took the long exposure he's always wanted to of toronto traffic (one thing we won't miss...). i handed in the biggest project of my life (and apparently tyler caught me taking a nap). and scott showed us this song. we don't know what they're saying, but we're thinking we might walk around toronto like they do for our remaining days here.

a snippet of our lives right now.


ps. did you hear that? TWENTY-TWO DAYS!


Anonymous said...

That first image is SHARP!! Nicely done!!
Do you remember what your f/stop was? how long was your exposure? and what film did you use for that one?

The Taylor's said...

Dad is so excited to see the pictures from your trip!!

David Dudley said...

I love the photograph Tyler.
The angle you chose is spectacular!!

akathemom said...

Great, great pics! The sing is fun and I want to know what those guys look like when they're not looking so...creepy!

Charity said...

Love the pic Tyler!! Oh and love the swinging song I wish I knew what they were saying. I admit I actually do walk down the street like that sometimes. With music playing in my head.