everyday it's a-gettin' closer

i like to think i was named after buddy holly. and not because i was the 5th child and they couldn't think of a name for me until it was nearly christmas and, well, there was lots of holly around...

just kidding.

but i do love buddy holly. and rock and roll. and my dad.

he loves buddy holly. and rock and roll.

dad, i'm sorry you had to go to school while you were here. but i'm glad it was an excuse for you to come visit us.

we'll be home in eleven days.

everyday it's a-gettin' closer
goin' faster than a roller coaster


ps. things we'll miss about toronto list:
1. kensington market (oh where will i find vintage treasures like that in calgary...)
2. cn tower (although i do not think i will ever go to the top again...)
3. music. everywhere.

mamiya pro tl 645


David Dudley said...

This means that we have to find awesome places in Calgary, Edmonton and every awesome little town around.

akathemom said...

that is a GREAT pic of you and dad!
Dad took me to a Buddy Holly play when I was in High School...

The Taylor's said...

How did you take the CN tower picture? It's so cool!

Hands Full said...

Are you "just kidding" about being named after Buddy Holly, or being named Holly because you weren't named for months and there was a lot of Holly around... because that part is totally true. Hey, at least you didn't get Jenny!