lasting impressions... our face in bubbles

the ontario science centre. can you see our faces? apparently, you don't have to be 8 years old to enjoy this stuff. or even bring an 8 year old with you...

these are our last days in toronto.

list of things we will miss:
4. ontario science centre.
5. our neighbour's garden.
6. our neighbour walking in our house with gifts of hearty breads, homemade whole wheat perogies, and polish cakes.
7. city castles.
8. our woods across the road.
9. record stores. everywhere. (newest record: florence and the machine. it may have just changed our lives...)


ps. she's cute, but skip to 3:00 to hear the song (our favourite so far. this one too).

mamiya pro tl 645


Amber said...

Those are cool! Great photos. Sounds like you had a good time!

akathemom said...

Ugh, I miss that science centre! My kids still talk about it.