not even lions could tear us apart

but anyway, toto, we're home. home! and this is my room, and you're all here. and i'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because i love you all, and - oh, auntie em - there's no place like home!

nicely put, dorothy.

we're home. and this time we can spend as long as we want wherever we want because we'll see the rest of you tomorrow.

movie nights, garage parading, piano concerts in the living room, four hand ragtime, gourmet meals, visits with old friends, late nights with new friends, a tubby dog and bubble tea, ginger beef, blacksmithing, digging up a tin foil book of mormon, jimmy's donairs, photo sessions in the rain, miles of sky, earthworm roommates.

well, that list doesn't sound as epic as it has felt to move back home...home for good...but it is enough that i now give everyone permission to start living again now that i am here. thank you for waiting until i got back. for the most part.

we've taken about 4.9 bazillion pictures since moving home, and have only just found a place to develop them. until i can blow your mind with that awesomeness, please let this video help bide the time. it represents us living out of cardboard boxes. and not even lions could make us move away again. and, well, of course, the binding love between ty and i.

do not gag. for this is real, real love.

us. here. in calgary. again.


Hands Full said...

Last time we went to Jimmy's every time I turned my back Jimmy swore at Jared and threatened him. Apparently I know how to attract Arab men, what can I say. Now I have to go alone.
I'm glad you're back.

akathemom said...

your happiness in being back pales in comparison to my happiness in your being back.