it takes two to tango

it takes two years for an elephant to grow a calf.
it takes two years to build an eiffel tower.
it takes two years to make a toy story movie.
it takes two years to serve a mission.
it takes two years to use a costco supply of saran wrap.
it takes two years to learn how to clean teeth.

and it takes two years of being married to realize that a million more years might not be enough...

happy two years.


photos taken by jewelimage.


akathemom said...

You made me cry. I love you guys.

Charity said...

Ahhhh so sweet. I love you guys!! Congratulations on 2 years and considering it's eternity lucky you!!!

The Taylor's said...

best two years.

Hands Full said...

I still haven't forgiven you for not coming to Eli's party, but I guess I can wish you a happy 2 years anyway.

T-rudy said...

This post is cute :D

Tanya said...

Awww! You guys are great. Love you <3