think of all of the fun if we played each other on repeat one...

our house is in a truck. and i got my hair did today to celebrate. one more party and a long drive and we're home.

we have also been watching old (like older than 50 years old...) movies. we have decided to stick to musicals, comedy's, and any movie with audrey hepburn or a dance number.

list of things we will miss:
10. spring beginning with magnolias.
11. not needing a sweater at night in the summer.
12. outdoor concerts. everywhere.

love, r&y


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the first image to view it larger... WOW... amazing detail!!

Cant wait for you guys to come to Calgary.....finally have some film photogs to hangout with.

Hands Full said...

You got your hair 'did'? Awesome. I can't wait for you to be home.

Alana said...

LOVE these pics! Super cute with you guys together. Those flowers are huge! What kind of tree is that?

akathemom said...

Wow, nothing like that here!
Can't wait to see your hair did.

melange muse said...

I love that picture of you and tyler! Also I can't wait til you kids are back here in Alberta!