enough is enough

i have twenty-one rolls of film to develop. and then scan.

do you know how long it takes to scan twenty-one rolls of film???


but i found some pictures of our last couple weeks in toronto. we have been so busy back at home that we've almost forgot that we are missing some things. 

not enough to want to go back, but enough.


ps. if i had all these outfits, i would be a happy girl, and ty a happy boy. and we would learn to dance like this.



EChubak said...

Cute pictures and I LOVE that video! So neat.

Alana said...

That tall grass pic makes you look like Thumbelina.

akathemom said...

Cool video, and love the graff!!

Chloe Taylor Photography said...

I love the one of Tyler and the bridge! Holly, you are an amazing photographer.

T-rudy said...

I was going to leave a schwack load of comments on all the pictures... but that's probably a little unnecessary. ;) So what I will say...
1. love the hat picture!
2. you with the graffiti - didn't see you at first!
3. you with the grass - super cute!
4. ty with the bridge - awesome
5. the little cake things - mmm!

Though you must know, I thoroughly enjoy them all. You guys' are cute :)