searching for a highschool that you know doesn't exist

today i found a shoe box marked "love letters."

i think there were two from boys who liked me a long time ago (i've never liked another boy other than ty, of course). and they were the funny ones.

you know the ones.

but most of them were from my best GIRL friend. yes, almost an entire box of notes scribbled on the back of church programs, math homework, value village reciepts, and even one dirty napkin.

i read all of them. most just funny stories that happened. i laughed a lot. i shed a tear or two. some lessons we learned i wish i remembered. other lessons we learned i wish i could forget (don't get carried away. we never did anything wrong). all evidence of why i am who i am today.

i'm glad i kept them.

to secret love notes between best friends.


picture taken with my iphone. this was too good to wait to develop...


Chloe Taylor Photography said...

Remember when that song came into our lives? Oh wait... lets not remember that!!

EChubak said...

Totally have the same box! It's fun going back to your past for a few minutes.

akathemom said...

I have a box too - never been through it. Not sure I'm ready to meet those ghosts yet.

Cheryl Evans said...

I read mine a while ago and wanted to meet the cute 12 year old again who wrote such clever love letters to me back in 1966 and then realized he was now 58. Say no More. Mom