the house elves got a job

well, i am all grown up and gots a real job.

and tyler gets to play all day at school.

i guess its a bit more work than that, but i am slightly jealous that i don't get to go back to school this semester. 

although getting a paycheck is rather nice...

we pre-bought tickets and dressed up for opening day of the last harry potter movie. both my nephews dressed up as malfoy; one even had a dark mark painted on his arm. when the first movie came out, our entire family dressed up. my dad went down in history as wearing the single best hagrid costume of all time, complete with a full beard and wig made out of raw brown wool and a humongous sheep skin coat. he only made it about twenty-five minutes waiting in line for the show before he was sweating buckets and peeling off layers... but it was the best part of the movie. and even though i haven't liked any of the movies (yes, i'm one of those "the books are so much better!" kinds...), i found myself dressing up, once again, to say goodbye to daniel radcliffe and all his friends... i even cried. a lot.

another part of our growing up was moving into a place of our own. we're house-sitting and helping to clean a house this year.

funny that we dressed up as house elves, and now we ARE house elves...



ps. to prevent any more of this growing up business, i will listen to this and wish that i could grow up and be a rockstar so i could sing with the muppets.

nephew pictures taken on a yashica 35mm with fugifilm 400 (with light leaks...), ty and i on our mamiya 120mm with portra 400.


akathemom said...

Everything about this post is fun!!!

David Dudley said...

You guys are awesome! Love the costumes.

The Taylor's said...

Love it. Come to Saskatoon and we cans do a dress up double date!