begin anywhere

i want to be a piano master
i want to be a rockstar
i want to be a wedding planner
i want to reclaim an old schoolhouse for my home
i want to crochet a sweater
i want to make family home videos with a super 8
i want to be a fashion avant-garde
i want to run a marathon in a foreign country
i want to make lots of babies
i want to eat macrobiotic

goals. some ancient, some new. i am actually working on all of the above, even if some are not progressing presently...

a couple weekends ago, we went to the kushi institute to learn how to eat macrobiotic. beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful land.

we began with our new favourite meal: burdock root, lotus root, carrot, onion, arame, ginger and broccoli stem stir fry with fresh hulled rice. we're getting pretty good at it, now.

thanks mom and dad.



David Dudley said...

I love your pictures! you have a great style.
we need to shoot more often!

Hands Full said...

Knit a sweater, don't crochet.

akathemom said...

Your photos are getting more an more amazing. I like that you didn't straighten the doorknob.