welcome home

i hate airports. they always...

1. take me away,
2. take people away,
3. have the air canada employees take extra effort to keep me away,
4. make you pay a million dollars for parking, and
5. smell.

however, if this happened to me more often, i would go to the airports for enjoyment (instead of fighting the urge to run and scream every time a plane flies by...).

we found a roll of film we took in the summer, which was in a grocery bag, which was in a suitcase, which was under our bed (i clean my house. a lot. i promise.) and developed the pictures. it was nice to see them. apparently, not all my pictures were ruined. just hiding.


pictures taken with my grampa's ikoflex.


Charity said...

LOVE IT!!! I had to watch it again! That would be so much fun!!! Seeing as I might be hopping on a plane for a 24 hour flight that would definitely be a pick me up!

akathemom said...

why did that make me cry???
ok, the choreography will be the tough part...