i'd rather buy defying gravity

i forget things too easily... i had forgotten:

1. what it's like to be with friends who know you really really well.
2. to never go shopping with someone who is too encouraging and too easily encouraged.
3. that wicked is worth a parking ticket and all the noises people make at you as you're running down the street in a fabulous gold dress, fur coat, and bare feet (heels slow you down).
4. how nice it is to cuddle, especially after months of separation.
5. how to put makeup on in colour.
6. how to stay awake during school after not sleeping.
7. that the best thing to happen to you in the whole world would be standing on a stage and having thousands singing your songs back to you...
8. why home is in the west.

but, boy, toronto looks good on film.

and we always like it when they love to eat.

carla visited with lover. they were our last visitors until after christmas. we saw wicked (and now tyler finally knows why i love it so...), we danced with kate nash and peggy sue, and we shot toronto at all angles.

check his blog for more pictures that he took. he and she with digital, ty and i with film.



David Dudley said...

I can't wait to get together to shoot again.
I had such a great time!
and the pictures turned out fantastic I would say.

Marns said...

Great pictures too Holly! You and my brother both know how to capture things so great! Love it! And so glad you guys got to meet and have a blast!

Matt and Chloe Taylor said...

Okay, Where was the last shot taken? It's amazing!

princess said...

I love love love you holly! And tell tyler that I adore the sunset shot he took!

Hands Full said...

Um, Jared is coming to "visit" you on Sunday, so... RUDE! Don't worry, he's a really good roommate.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the 3rd picture!! Not to dark (still have detail)..but dark enough that you still get the sunset to show color.

Are you guys going to be in Calgary over the holidays?

akathemom said...

How many times have you been to Wicked??? I'm so jealous.

Kristi Beth said...

I love that last picture of David and Carla. It's great with the skyline in the background. Beautiful shots!