take a longer drive

the kushi institute is near boston.  we drove most of the way with our gps set to "no toll roads." we saw a lot more than highway asphalt. i found a fabulous gold dress. tyler found fabulous locally-made egg nog. we found our dream home under disrepair with patterned roof tiles and turrets, a lovers lane, buildings from another time, and had a drive by shooting with train car graffiti (tyler went the exact speed of the train so i could hang precariously out the window, holding my camera and car door for dear life...).

take a longer drive next time.


a favourite song filmed in a favourite place: an antique shop 


Charity said...

Two things I have to say. First. Love Tyler's unicorn shirt. I seriously don't think 90% of the men out there could pull that off. and Second. Love the train pic. What lengths you will go to for an awesome photo. Although those monster alien things are kinda creepy!

Oh a third thing! You waited too long for another post!

Charity said...

I meant to say "could not pull that off" !

Elyse said...

Your life seems amazing! You really get to experience the world. Luck you! How do you find time with school and work???

akathemom said...

hahahahah Tyler's shirt made me laugh out loud!!! And what original graffiti! Love it!

LazyBones said...

Although I do miss seeing the face of your angel boy, I think this might be my favorite post in a while...! Was this a recent trip? Or when you were living in ON?
ps. note the shameless plug I gave myself.

child of the universe said...

It was a long time ago when I actually took fun pictures. Gotta get back into that... And yes. I love your blog.