you make 'em all postcards

we were in new york for four days. it only took us four minutes to realize we didn't bring enough warm clothes. or that new yorkers are grumpier in the cold. but even so, it was fabulous. and new york is exactly like the movies, even in winter.

we got our pictures developed. i think we've somehow lost a roll... luckily, we took about 10 bajillion more. here are just a few. tyler says to pick my favourites. my favourites will take at least four more posts. here we go...


i give you fair warning
up there
in lights
i'll be


Erin L. said...

Your pictures are amazing...as usual. You blog so beautifully. I like getting a glimpse of world through your eyes. Thanks for posting. Looks like a fabulous trip.

melange muse said...

oh how i miss new york city!
i'm glad you finally put up some pictures!

akathemom said...

We went to this one gift shop. It was OK.