dandelion gardens

i got a new dress. i had a yellow dress when i was four, and i have been looking for another more grown up, less poofy sleeves version. and here it is.  

i also wanted bangs like dr. blight when i was six, and even when i try to change it up, i always seem to revert back to blight bangs... i thought they were fabulous as a six year old, too...

and i think it is too bad that it is looked rather poorly upon to have a garden of dandelion globes. thank you, city of mississauga, for not using pesticides and letting my garden of dandelions grow in the field across my old street.


ps. all pictures taken in mississauga except the last one with an alberta sky.



akathemom said...

What are you running from? Was Tyler scaring you?

Hands Full said...