harry potter
internet friends
gingerbread oranges
flying model airplanes
crashing model airplanes
sunsets and ukulele music
all in one weekend

last week, someone asked me if i missed toronto yet and always having something to do because it is so darn big.


and if you have a fire pit, a fire place, a neighbour with a fire pit or a fire place, or a nearby park with  a fire pit, or place to build a fire, you must try the following:

make biscuit dough.

gently massage the dough onto the end of rather thick stick or branch (maybe an inch or two wide) until the dough is a couple centimetres thick. (i think it is better to soak the end of the stick in water for a couple minutes before to prevent it from burning). hold over hot coals and slowly rotate for even cooking for about twenty minutes and until the outside of the biscuit is golden brown.  gently pull biscuit off stick. pour whatever filling your heart desires into the vacant hole. my mouth starts watering when i think about butter and homemade peach jam, but next time i might go to the dark side and use nutella.

mmm... nutella...

(because tyler thinks putting nutella in a jammer is a sacrilege...)


fatwhitemale said...

Calgary is glad to have the Christensen's back.

T-rudy said...

K...so. These jammer things sound delicious...

akathemom said...

SO glad you are back.