smiling eyes

we drove for three days, slept in the car in mcdonald's parking lots, used minimal air conditioning, and learned how to drive a truck bigger than the house we lived in that happened to be pulling our car...

we needed a good road trippin' song.

i thought of a brilliant idea: we would take one picture every two hours of our trip to keep accurate documentation of our epic journey.

naturally, i forgot about it exactly thirty two minutes into our drive.

however, we did find the largest scrap metal display in the u.s. of a. on the enchanted highway in north dakota. it was a big deal. we took pictures.

the currently showered, well-rested, and cultured in the ways of well pipe geese,


akathemom said...

Really? the Chilis???
Love the geese though.

The Taylor's said...

What's the black thing on your windshield? Love the wide angle!! Makes you ride look that much cooler...