beach hair tutorial

for girls:

braid hair. do not touch for one week. during week, make sure to jump into lake a kajillion times, roll in sand at least once a day, stay in sun as long as possible every day.

difficulty: very high difficulty to detangle but amazingly easy to maintain.

for boys:

grow out hair till it falls below your eyes. on a monday, shave hair to resemble a mohawk, side mohawk, or other ridiculousness. allow to settle for six days. always remember gramma's rule to shave mohawk completely before church the next sunday.

difficulty: easy for aunt jenny. difficult for boys to hold still during shave.

for best results, do multiple times a summer.

be sure and tag #bumbershootbeachhair in all your hair posts so i can see all your best beach hairs!

good luck.

taken on expired film with yashica in summer 2013

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