monkey palace

we went to a temple in jaipur that had fallen to ruin. the monkeys have made it their home. and they were wonderful hosts, as long as you fed them enough peanuts. it was a bit exhausting. and although these pictures don't prove it, i also fed the monkeys. but i was no good at it. they were very frustrated with me and would go to tyler instead (there is a video. ask me and i will show it to you.).

"beware the large, black faced monkey.  if you get too close, he will slap you. and in two days you will be ill."

our guide was a boy. he warned us of the black-faced monkey. he showed us a cow with a lucky fifth hoof. and how to wrestle a snake.

he was also, apparently, a very good swindler, and unbeknownst to us, got a very large tip that day…

thanks a lot, kid.


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